Once you’ve spent so much time recording great tracks mixing is arguably the most important part of the process. This where your tracks are glued together and put in their proper place to bring each element of your song out with depth, space and separation.
I treat your music as if it’s my own and go through each track with great precision, you’ve put so much energy into recording and I will put the same energy into mixing and taking your song(s) to the next level doing everything possible to make it the best it can be.
The best thing about online mixing is that you don’t have to physically travel a great distance to get to the studio. You can be anywhere in the world, you could be on vacation and still have work being done on your music.

When the song is mixed we’ll send you a stereo mp3 version for approval. If the mix is approved and no changes are needed, you then pay for the mix via PayPal and you’ll then receive a full resolution, high quality file of the mix.
If you wish to make changes you can call direct or email your instructions and we’ll tweak the mix until you’re satisfied with it. 3 Changes at no cost, $20 for each revision there-after. We also provide an option with unlimited revisions, this is great for bands whose members all have different tastes and ideas. 

Prices are based on the size of your song as in track count. Each element is a track such as snare drum, kick drum, lead vocal, piano etc. An 8 track song will cost less than a 48 track song.

How it works

Once you have all the tracks recorded contact me of your plans. If they were recorded by an engineer other than yourself, find out the track count for your song(s). Use your preferred file sharing service such as www.wetransfer.com, www.box.com or any other file sharing site you’d like to use.

After I receive your files I’ll load them into my system to make sure everything loads properly and that nothing is missing. At this time we can also discuss the direction you want to take your project.
There is a 50% deposit to start the mixing process. After we complete the first mix you’ll pay the balance and we’ll send you the mix(es) and then go into the revision stage if necessary.

>>>  Price includes 3 revisions
>>>  Additional revisions are $20 each
>>>  Price also assumes that all tracks sent are ready to mix as is
>>>  High res files will only be delivered after balance is paid.

Check our Mix Preparation Guide below.